The Heated Lumbar Traction Stretcher – Provides relief from lower back pain using heat, massage and gentle pressure

The Heated Lumbar Traction Stretcher —[SOURCE]— is unique when it comes to providing relief from your lower back pain problem simply because it uses a combination of gentle pressure, massage and heat to get rid of the problem.

This ergonomically designed stretcher works simply by stretching tight muscles using the device cycling air traction system and because it includes a heated massage capable of promoting good blood flow, getting rid of your lower back pain is now possible at home.

The Heated Lumbar Traction Stretcher

The Heated Lumbar Traction Stretcher

This stretcher can be manually inflated so owners can easily achieve their preferred stretching system or better yet, let the stretcher automatically rotate to different stretching settings for a more comfortable lower back pain relief session.

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The Heated Lumbar Traction Stretcher 1

The Heated Lumbar Traction Stretcher is very effective and it even comes with different temperature levels such as low to high settings partnered with auto-shutoff function for that easy to use and more effective pain relief for your lower back pain.

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