The Seated Back Strengthener – lets you remain seated while stretching and strengthening back muscles in all directions

The Seated Back Strengthener [SOURCE] is not just one of those ordinary fitness chair out there because this one allows the user to remain seated while of course strengthening and stretching the back in all directions.

Perfect for improving posture and flexibility and at the same time warding off back injury in the future, this fitness chair consists of twisting handlebars, swiveling seat and a pliable back support just enough to do what you love best when it comes to exercising your back to get rid of aches and pain.

The Seated Back Strengthener

The Seated Back Strengthener

This back strengthener already includes an easy to follow DVD where users can do some perfect exercises like rotating the upper body or leaning back to tone muscles while maintaining a correct seating position all according to the exercises illustrated in the accompanying DVD.

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The Seated Back Strengthener 1

The Seated Back Strengthener even features a foam rollers capable of massaging the back as the user move making sure there is enough blood flow and best of all, it only takes up a little space and folds nicely flat for easy storage.

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