Teeter Hang Ups P3 Back Stretcher – realigns spine and relieves back pain anytime anywhere

Teeter Hang Ups P3 Back Stretcher

Teeter Hang Ups P3 Back Stretcher is a portable back stretcher device designed uniquely so it can perfectly realign your spine and relieve back pain anywhere anytime simply by positioning your back to the adjustable and folding frame.

This P3 back stretcher is ideal for increasing flexibility and lengthening of skeleton and because this compact back stretcher has an adjustable function and contoured foot support, working on your back pain is now easy and secure. Simply set your desired settings, slide the shroud and you’re good to go.

Teeter Hang Ups P3 Back Stretcher is made sturdy yet light aluminum material, weighs 5.5 pounds and comes with 5yr. limited manufacturer warranty.

Whether you’re traveling, at home or working in your office, the P3 Back Stretcher is always ready to go. Try it!

-$82.40 at amazon

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