The Advanced Fitbit Watch – The fitness watch that does not only tracks your exercises but also provides coaching

The Advanced Fitbit Watch —[SOURCE]— is unique because unlike ordinary fitness watch out there that only provides tracking of all your exercises, heart rate and sleep cycles, this model is a lot more advanced because it also comes with different sports modes so you can also track your performances while at the same time enjoying your favorite sports every time.

The Advanced Fitbit Watch

The Advanced Fitbit Watch

The GPS function, coaching and accelerometer feature on the other hand are important because it also allows the user to track workout intensity, duration of movements and also to keep records of how many steps are already taken as well as the calories burned and the distance already traveled.

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The Advanced Fitbit Watch 3

The fitbit watch even features an altimeter capable of measuring elevation while its integrated ECG will allow the owner to measure its heart rate and best of all, the advanced fitbit watch is perfect if you need to have your very own personal fitness coach to help you get going with what you are doing specially when it comes to your workout.

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