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The Clinically Proven Circulation Improving Throw – proven to temporarily increase blood flow and promote restful sleep

You want a restful sleep? How about increasing your blood flow? Check the Clinically Proven Circulation Improving Throw —[SOURCE]—, a clinically proven throw designed to help temporarily increase the user’s blood flow and of course provide a restful sleep.

This circulation improving throw uses unique fibers that are interwoven with mineral matrix capable of converting and releasing body heat into a therapeutic infrared light so it can be reabsorbed back into the skin.

The Clinically Proven Circulation Improving Throw

The throw’s safe and invisible infrared energy created by the fabric form temporarily promoted increased blood flow perfect in helping regulate the body’s temperature, a reliable and unique method to help increase comfort and of course promote good rest every time.

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The Clinically Proven Circulation Improving Throw only measures 70×60 inches in length and width respectively and comes in different colors including Ivory and Gray.

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