NaturalPoint SmartNav 4 – Perfect for Preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other Wrist Related Problem

You want to control your computer’s cursor even if you have wrist injury? No problem because the NaturalPoint SmartNav 4, a specially designed device capable of helping the user with physical disability to control the mouse simply by turning its head.

Perfect for preventing carpal tunnel syndrome and other wrist related problem, the SmartNav is not just for offering real ergonomic aid but at the same time it also helps get rid of frequent nerve-racking motion of moving because it does not need hand activity to control.

NaturalPoint SmartNav 4

NaturalPoint SmartNav 4

With NaturalPoint SmartNav 4’s Hands-free system and high resolution tracking, communicating with your computer is now easy and painless, all you need are specially designed reflective dots that’s connected to your head in order to start controlling your computer.

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What are you waiting for? Start the head motion now and start working back again.

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