The Towel Eliminating Touchless Hand Dryer – helps reduce cross-contamination in a kitchen or the spread of germs in a bathroom

The Towel Eliminating Touchless Hand Dryer >>>[SOURCE]<<< is designed to lessen cross-contamination or even stop spreading of germs in a bathroom, thanks to the hand dryer’s automatic function, now you can maintain your hand’s hygienic dry without touching any towel.

This touchless hand dryer can be mounted to almost anywhere to a wall and can even be placed on a counter for easy hand drying of course in just a matter of seconds.

The Towel Eliminating Touchless Hand Dryer

The Towel Eliminating Touchless Hand Dryer

This automatic hand dryer uses powerful fan partnered with heating element built right onto the dryer to help reduce cross-contamination, it even allows the owner to use the fan and heater simultaneously or individually.

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The Towel Eliminating Touchless Hand Dryer 1

The Towel Eliminating Touchless Hand Dryer can be activated using its automatic sensor, simply plug the dryer to your power outlet and you’re good to go. Measures 15x10x8/14 inches in length, width and diameter and weighs only 4.5lbs.

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