The iPhone Blood Pressure Monitor – Recommended by American Heart Association for its clinically proven method in providing accurate hypertension reading

Why settle for an old fashioned blood pressure monitoring device when you can have a reliable and accurate reading system recommended by experts of its instant and reliable hypertension reading where results can be emailed right away to your personal doctor?

The iPhone Blood Pressure Monitor

The iPhone Blood Pressure Monitor

Introducing the iPhone Blood Pressure Monitor.  A uniquely designed blood pressure monitoring device that uses your favorite iPone gadget to display important hypertension readings such as systolic and diastolic evaluation in interactive and graphical form.

This iPhone Blood Pressure Monitor uses a unique and easy to use program for displaying, storing and comparing results. It also comes with a docking station and a nice and handy cuff that inflates automatically around your arm plus it can even provide for up to a 100 tests if the device is in full charge mode. Go ahead and try it for yourself.

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