The Color Interpreting Blood Pressure Monitor – The Easy To Read Blood Pressure Monitoring Device

The Color Interpreting Blood Pressure Monitor —[SOURCE]— is different from any ordinary BP monitoring device because it uniquely provides you with different reading so you can be alerted when it senses an out of target blood pressure reading.

How? Well, instead of ordinary 135 over 85 listing, the BP Monitor will display a red color screen on the problem (systolic/diastolic) part so you know exactly where you want to start and what to do.

The Color Interpreting Blood Pressure Monitor

The Color Interpreting Blood Pressure Monitor

This Blood Pressure Monitor is verified in providing accurate readings for arrhythmia and hypertension and features a uniquely designed LCD screen that displays color blue if it falls to the exact limit and red if it reads high numbers that is outside the limit.

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This Blood Pressure Monitoring unit is also capable of displaying numbers in bigger display and can store of up to 90 different readings and besides it simplicity and comfortability to use, the color interpreting blood pressure monitor also comes with cuffs that can be fasten easily and a protective case so you can bring it anywhere you go.

[$79.95 at hammacher]

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