The Hand Embroidered Peruvian Alpaca – equipped with natural fiber prized for its lightweight, softness and durability

Are you looking for your next hand protection as replacements for your old, itchy and not so comfortable to wear hand warmers? Try the Hand Embroidered Peruvian Alpaca. (Available Here)

These handwarmers are unique because they are 100 percent Peru made alpaca yarn,the most comfortable, soft, durable and lightweight warmth highly sought around the world.

Hand Embroidered Peruvian Alpaca

With Peruvian Alpaca made hand warmers, now you can enjoy fine fibers perfect for that all day comfortable walking in style simply because they’re also hand embroidered by floral patterns.

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Hand Embroidered Peruvian Alpaca 2

The Hand Embroidered Warmer can be hand washed and can be hung dry or dry clean and best of all, they come in different colors.

You can buy these hand embroidered handwarmers for only $49.95 with lifetime guarantee satisfaction.

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