The Only Cordless Arthritis Pain Relieving Glove – A cordless neuromuscular stimulator glove that helps provide relief from arthritic pain

The Only cordless Arthritis Pain Relieving Glove [SOURCE] is designed to provide pain relief from either hand, thanks to the glove’s neuromuscular stimulator, now you can get rid of the arthritic pain you are having anytime anywhere.

The Only Cordless Arthritis Pain Relieving Glove

The Only Cordless Arthritis Pain Relieving Glove

This cordless neuromuscular stimulator uses TENS therapy, an effective method in getting rid of arthritic pain plus it can be worn on either hand just perfect for that anytime anywhere blocking of pain so you can continue with what you are doing.

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The Only Cordless Arthritis Pain Relieving Glove 1

The glove uses battery powered electrode pads that can be attached easily using snap-on fasteners and is capable of sending harmless electrical pulses straight into the tissue perfect for blocking pain signals from passing to the brain.

Other benefits of using this TENS therapy glove includes pain management for discomfort at the back pain and muscle soreness in the extremities, simply select from its different treatment modes and intensity levels via its included remote control and you are good to go.

Read the rest of the features [HERE].

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