The Rejuvenating Hand Hydrospa – A hand spa that uses steam moisture, infrared heat, and vibration massage to soothe and revive tired hands

The Rejuvenating Hand Hydrospa [SOURCE] is not just perfect in reviving tired hands but also unique when it comes to providing a relaxing hand spa, thanks to the hydrospa’s unique steam moisture partnered with infrared heat and vibration massage, now you can say goodbye to achy and even dry hands every time.

The hand spa works simply by placing the hand right on its soft rubber palm rest then select a treatment to apply like moisturizing treatment for rejuvenating chapped and dry hands simply by heating the water right from its water reservoir to produce a steam.

The Rejuvenating Hand Hydrospa

The Rejuvenating Hand Hydrospa

The other hydrospa treatment also provides safe infrared heat capable of penetrating hand skin and is perfect for stimulating good blood circulation perfect for relieving swelling and loosening muscles to get rid of pain.

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The Rejuvenating Hand Hydrospa’s vibration massage on the other hand is perfect for kneading away tension and helping the owner soothe muscle aches every time. Simply plug the device into your AC outlet and you’re good to go.

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