The Travel Sleep Sound Generator – Now you can sleep better in a hotel room, airplane or at home

Can’t sleep tight because of those disruptive noise in the background? Not anymore with the Travel Sleep Sound Generator —[SOURCE]—, a portable and easy to use sound generator device capable of playing a soothing sounds in order to help you sleep tight whether you’re at home, in an airplane or in a hotel room.

Thanks to this uniquely designed generator equipped with 19 digital sounds already pre-loaded so you can enjoy bamboo chimes, spring rain, ocean surf, song birds and a lot more to help you drift off to sleep anytime anywhere.

The Travel Sleep Sound Generator

The Travel Sleep Sound Generator

The Sleep Sound Generator works simply by blocking noise, it even encourages the owners to relax because the device will help you reset your body’s clock just to get rid of jet lag and other problem.

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The Travel Sleep Sound Generator 1

The Travel Sleep Sound Generator is your perfect sleep aid, simply set to to run automatically or use its 3 different timed settings and you’re good to go and best of all, it can also be used as a full featured alarm clock complete with snooze button, memo recorder, calendar and a lot more.

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