The Superior Goose Down Pillow – filled with European white goose down for superior softness and breathability

Not satisfied with your pillows because it is just stuffed with immature waterfowl? Use the Superior Goose Down Pillow —[SOURCE]— because it is filled with the soft and most comfortable down clusters so you’ll have comfortable night sleep every time.

This pillow is unique because each ounce of down comes with up to 2 million fluffy filaments, enough to form a relaxing cushion while the gusset makes the down achieve and expand to its fullest loft.

The Superior Goose Down Pillow

The Superior Goose Down Pillow

This superior pillow compresses without any problem in order to form and contour to the shape of the sleeper’s neck and head, enough to provide full support, it even reverts back to its true loft when sleepers start raising their heads.

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The Superior Goose Down Pillow 1

The Superior Goose Down Pillow is 100 percent hypoallergenic and has up to 380 thread counts of cotton shell complete with jacquard stripes.

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