The Gentleman’s Irish Linen Pajama Pants – these are the pajama pants made in Ireland from 100% Irish linen

Looking for a pair of sleep pants capable of providing comfort every time you sleep? Try the Gentleman’s Irish Linen Pajama Pants.

Made with 100 percent Irish Linen from Ireland, these uniquely made pajama pants are perfect because they’re breathable and are designed to wick away moisture, just perfect for that good night sleep you’ve been looking for every time. –Available Here

Irish Linen Pajama Pants

These pajama pants are luxuriously soft partnered with elastic waist while its included side pockets are just some of the important features in an Irish made pajamas.

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Irish Linen Pajama Pants 2

These Pajama Pants made in Ireland are machine washable and come in different sizes including XXL size and best of all, they’re imported from the County Donegal, Ireland with Red or Blue Plaid.

You can buy these pajama pants made with 100% Irish linen for only $89.95.

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