The Enhanced Airflow Pillowcase – provides more air flow and prevents absorption of heat

Looking for a pillowcase capable of absorbing and preventing heat so you can rest comfortably anytime?

Try the Enhanced Airflow Pillowcase, a uniquely designed pillowcase equipped with advanced fabric designed to help provide 3x more air flow just to help prevent heat. –Currently Taking Orders Here

Enhanced Airflow Pillowcase

The Enhanced Airflow Pillowcase

This pillowcase is perfect when it comes to wicking away moisture as compared with other ordinary pillowcases out there, it even features a technology designed to help dry the fellowcase quickly.

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Enhanced Airflow Pillowcase1

The Enhanced Airflow Pillowcase is your perfect answer especially if you want to wick away moisture quickly and best of all, it dries 4x faster as compared to standard pillowcases out there.

You can buy this pillowcase equipped with moisture wicking and quick heat absorption technology for only 69.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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