The Climbing Wall Treadmill – Equipped with continuously revolving face to enable endless vertical climbs

You want to enjoy wall climbing right at the comfort of your own home? Use the Climbing Wall Treadmill —[VIDEO]—, a uniquely designed climbing wall that continuously revolve so you’ll have endless vertical climb to work with at home.

This wall treadmill has face that consist of foot and hand holds on its panels and revolves just like those treadmill so climbers can scale unlimited heights, and because it is equipped with motorless treadwall, climbers can easily adjust its preferred pace or even stop at any time without pressing a button.

The Climbing Wall Treadmill

The Climbing Wall Treadmill

Thanks also to the wall’s adjustable feature, climbers can simulate even those overhangs and even those slab climbing, it even allows the climber to reposition the holds on each panel so they can easily customize their workout, perfect for building muscles or even developing a perfect cardio fitness all at the comfort of your own home.

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The Climbing Wall Treadmill 1

This Climbing Wall also features an easy to read display where climbers can easily read their climbed distance, calories burned and more and best of all, it fits nicely almost anywhere because it only requires small amount of floor space just like those ordinary treadmill around.

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