The Pace Reacting Ultraslim Treadmill – adjusts its speed automatically

The Pace Reacting Ultraslim Treadmill —[SOURCE]— is a uniquely designed treadmill with speed that adjust automatically depending on where you jog or walk, perfect if you don’t want to press any buttons just to adjust the treadmill settings.

This ultraslim treadmill is very easy to use, simply take 3 steps to activate its motor, it even comes with a 3 zone track so users can easily change the speeds.

The Pace Reacting Ultraslim Treadmill

The Pace Reacting Ultraslim Treadmill

Treadmill works by stepping on the front zone to increase its speed up to 5mph, center to maintain the current pace or moving back to slow and even stop the treadmill. Thanks to its bipolar drive technology, running smoothly even on a limited space is now possible.

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The Pace Reacting Ultraslim Treadmill 1

The Pace Reacting Ultraslim Treadmill is very light yet sturdy and can be stored almost anywhere, against wall or under bed and best of all, it already comes with an integrated display to allow the user to easily read the distance and speed travelled. Supports up to 220lbs. and only weighs 64lbs.

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