The Sleep Improving Weighted Blanket – helps you relax and sleep more soundly

Can’t get a better night sleep because your blanket can’t provide cozy and at the same time relaxing sleep? Use the Sleep Improving Weighted Blanket, a uniquely designed blanket capable of providing a soothing and calming sensation just to help you get a better night sleep every time.

This weighted blanket is perfect if you want to sleep more soundly, thanks to the blanket’s non-toxic full of micro glass beads designed to provide even and gentle pressure just like providing a perfect hug so stress and other sleep problem will not get in the way once you start sleeping.

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Sleep Improving Weighted Blanket

This blanket even features a velvety plush fabric capable of providing extra level of calming and relaxing comfort to help you feel secure, a perfect way to get a better night sleep.

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Sleep Improving Weighted Blanket 1

The Sleep Improving Weighted Blanket only measures 80×60 inches in length and width and best of all, it only weighs 15lbs.

You can buy the weighted blanket for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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