No Contact Thermometer – provides accurate temperature reading in just one second

This No Contact Thermometer is capable of providing temperature result in just one second and unlike ordinary thermometers, this model can also provide accurate reading every time.

This infrared thermometer is great because it allows every owner to take temperatures without coming into contact with the person just like the convenience and hygienic being used by most hospitals.

No Contact Thermometer

No Contact Thermometer

Besides its huge LCD screen display where users can easily read results after aiming at the forehead, it also displays Celsius and Fahrenheit, it even allows the owner to store up to 32 readings, a great addition as compared to using oral thermometers.

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No Contact Thermometer 1

This Thermometer even features an audible alarm designed to alert the user when the target person is running a fever and best of all, it can also be used to get liquids, room and object temperature without any problem.

You can buy the infrared thermometer for only $149.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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