The Forehead Or Ear Talking Thermometer – measures one’s temperature and announces its readings out loud

Tired of using your thermometer because it cannot announce your temperature reading? Use the Forehead or Ear Talking Thermometer —[SOURCE]—, an infrared thermometer that not only measures someone’s temperature but at the same time announces its reading out loud.

This small yet powerful thermometer is capable of providing accurate readings as compared to other thermometers out there, it can even provide reading in just a matter of one second while providing an easy to read display of the results straight to its included LCD screen.


Forehead Or Ear Talking Thermometer

This talking thermometer has an auto shutoff function, adjustable volume, low batt indicator and a light bar that lits when fever is detected.

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This infrared thermometer is also capable of storing up to 30 readings complete with time and date stamps and best of all, it can also be used to measure liquids and even objects, just don’t forget to add some batteries though before you start using it.

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