The Quick Dry Steam Mop – cleans floors yet leaves them dry and ready to walk on seconds later

You want to keep your floors clean from any dirt, dust and even nasty viruses? Use the Quick Dry Steam Mop.

This steam mop is unique because besides keeping your floors clean every time, this mop also works in seconds leaving the floor dry and ready to walk again without any problem.

Quick Dry Steam Mop

The Quick Dry Steam Mop

Equipped with a 1200w pressurized boiler made with sturdy stainless steel, this mop is capable of emitting a dry steam designed to help you get rid of any dirt, dust and bad bacteria roaming around your hard floors easily and quickly of course without you worrying about any streaks.

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Quick Dry Steam Mop 2

The Quick Dry Steam Mop is very easy to use and heats up so quickly in minutes, all you need to do after is to lower the handle so the mop can start releasing those steam, a good way to eliminate pushing any buttons or even stop you from holding any levers while you are cleaning and best of all, it is already equipped with 20oz water tank and has a huge cleaning head so you can clean the floors easily and quickly. Includes attachments for cleaning and deodorizing carpets. Weighs only 63/4lbs.

You can buy this steam mop for cleaning hard floors and carpets for only $299.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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