The Cordless Hot Or Cold Vibration Massager – provides relief for tense muscles

Not satisfied with your vibration massager because it cannot provide relief to your aching muscles? Use the Hot or Cold Vibration Massager —[SOURCE]—, a cordless massage device that uses hot and cold therapy along with vibration to help get rid of muscle pain.

This handheld vibration massager comes with 3 different heat settings designed to help increase blood circulation and open pores while its 3 cold settings help lessen swelling and inflammation simply by tightening the skin to lock in moisture.


Cordless Hot Or Cold Vibration Massager

This handheld massager is equipped with uniquely designed head shape that vibrates at 3 different speeds capable of penetrating deep into the problematic muscles perfect in relieving tightness and knots.

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The Cordless Hot or Cold Vibration Massager has an auto shutoff function for extra security and has rechargeable batteries capable of providing up to 6 hrs of use when fully charged using its included charger. Weighs only 10oz.

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