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The Cordless UV Wand – destroys viruses using safe UV-C Light

Nowadays, it’s a must that you clean anything before holding or using them to avoid getting viruses and that is where this Cordless UV Wand is perfect, why? Because this UV wand is capable of destroying viruses from almost anything that fits.

Cleaning your packages, bags or even your cellphones and glasses will not be a problem with this virus destroying wand, it can even be used to clean door handles, your favorite car seat, mats and even your chopping board, thanks to the wand’s UV-C light technology, sanitizing it just like cleaning hospital surfaces is now possible at home or anywhere.

Cordless UV Wand

Equipped with 20 LEDs that generates up to 280nm UV-C light, destroying even those viral and bacterial membranes roaming around your favorite things is as easy as pointing to them to leave those microorganisms incapable of reproduction and survival.

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Cordless UV Wand 1

The Cordless UV Wand even includes a protective goggles partnered with an auto-shutoff function so kids and even adults will be protected specially when the light is turned upwards and best of all, it also includes a storage bag so you can bring it anywhere you go. Weighs only 8oz.

You can buy the UV wand for only $149.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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