The Lightweight Anxiety Relieving Blanket – help provide a soothing and relaxing sensation of being swaddled

Looking for ways to help you sleep better? Try the Lightweight Anxiety Relieving Blanket —[SOURCE]—, a weighted blanket capable of providing sleepers the soothing and relaxing impression of being bind to help owners sleep better.

This anxiety relieving sleeping device is unique because it is equipped with plastic pellets designed to help contour to the shape of the user’s body in order to exert a soft yet relaxing pressure to comfort the nervous system.

The Lightweight Anxiety Relieving Blanket

The Lightweight Anxiety Relieving Blanket

This blanket is perfect in relieving stress, it can even calm the sleepers before falling asleep, thanks to the pellets strategically located and uniquely sewn in the blanket’s lining, sleepers can be sure that even distribution of relaxation across the sleepers entire body will be activated.

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The Lightweight Anxiety Relieving Blanket 1

The Lightweight Anxiety Relieving Blanket has a contoured edge to make sure it wraps comfortably on the sleeper’s neck and shoulders and best of all, it is made with 100 percent soft and smooth cotton yet durable enough because of its double stitched seams.

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