The Only Seated Strider – A mini-strider capable of providing low impact cardiovascular workout while seated

Now you can have a low impact cardiovascular exercise while working with the Only Seated Strider [SOURCE], a uniquely designed mini-strider capable of working out those legs simply because it allows the legs to move forward or backward, swing inward or outward and even move in a circular arc without worrying about stress on joints or ligaments.

The Only Seated Strider

The Only Seated Strider

The Only Seated Strider features a comfortable to use foot plates capable of keeping the user’s shoes firmly positioned, thanks to its big and textured foot plate construction partnered with sturdy rubber floor pads, securing the strider on the floor and keeping your feet in perfect shape while exercising and working will not be a problem.

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This mini strider can be carried anywhere you go, thanks to the included strap and easy to fold construction, providing a low impact cardiovascular exercises at home or in your office while seated is now possible.

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