The Heated Lower Leg Massager – Provides soothing heat with shiatsu and reflexology therapy to help rejuvenate sore, tired calves and feet

The Heated Lower Leg Massager [SOURCE] is not just unique when it comes to providing soothing heat relief from your tired and aching leg but at the same time, unique because it also offers a combination of shiatsu and reflexology therapy perfect in rejuvenating aching and tired feet and calves.

Simply position the leg massager base anywhere at your favorite sofa or chair and allow the heated massager cradle both the user’s lower legs all at the same time.

The Heated Lower Leg Massager

The Heated Lower Leg Massager

This leg massager is capable of delivering warmth yet gentle heated air designed to help get rid of leg tension, plus it even applies unique pressure in different direction to knead away knots, increase blood flow and even stimulates quick healing process just to speed up the recovery from leg fatigue or even from leg injury.

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The Heated Lower Leg Massager 1

The Heated Lower Leg Massager even comes with a uniquely designed foot rollers capable of targeting reflexology points on the user’s heels and soles which is perfect in relieving pain and of course providing full body relaxation and best of all, its included control panel allows the owner to choose from the massager’s 3 different programs and different levels of vibration and shiatsu settings with or without heat.

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