The Lady’s Circulation Enhancing Leggings – A footless leggings that help improve lower body circulation with graduated compression

The Lady’s Circulation Enhancing Leggings [SOURCE] are perfect for any lady’s out there who wants to combat upper and lower leg discomforts, thanks to the footless leggings’ unique design, helping improve good lower body circulation complete with graduated compression in order to get rid of any leg discomfort is now possible anytime.

These footless leggings are capable of providing up to 15-20mmHg of compression from the ankle and gradually decreases up the leg perfect in helping combat any leg soreness simply by improving blood flow.

Lady's Circulation Enhancing Leggings

The Lady’s Circulation Enhancing Leggings

These leggings are perfect for women who are experiencing achy muscles, fatigue from extended standing or sitting and even for those who have edema, thanks to the leggings covert compression therapy, now you can enjoy worry free compression without worrying about bulky batteries or even plugging it to an AC outlet.

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The Lady’s Circulation Enhancing Leggings are knitted from 41 percent nylon, 36 percent microfiber and 23 percent of lycra and contours nicely to the wearer’s body type. Machine washable and weighs only 12oz.

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