The Leg Elevating Inflammation Reliever – Helps get rid of fatigued feet and tired legs

The Leg Elevating Inflammation Reliever [SOURCE] is designed to help tired legs and fatigued feet back to its normal condition, thanks to the reliever’s unique contoured support partnered with firm and high quality foam and a uniquely designed beaded cooling gel panels, now you can get rid of any pressure on your feet and legs simply by laying or in bed.

The Leg Elevating Inflammation Reliever

The Leg Elevating Inflammation Reliever

Better than any other ordinary pillows out there, this inflammation reliever works by dissipating body heat and transferring a cooling sensation into the affected area plus it even cradles the calves soothingly while elevating the ankles higher for that full comfort and perfect support every time.

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The Leg Elevating Inflammation Reliever already includes a detachable nylon / spandex cover and can be hand wash. Measures only 19.5x8x4 inches in length, width and diameter and only weighs 1lb.

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