The Active Sitting Exercise Bicycle – Now you can build muscles, prevent back pain and more while doing your regular seated activities

Not satisfied with your cardiovascular workout device? Check the Active Sitting Exercise Bicycle [SOURCE], a uniquely designed cardiovascular workout bicycle designed to encourage owners to build muscles in order to prevent back pain, lessen strain or even work core of course while doing your every task like watching television, mending garments and browsing the internet or even paying online bills.

The Active Sitting Exercise Bicycle

The Active Sitting Exercise Bicycle

The Active Sitting Exercise Bicycle features 8 intensity levels and has a padded and adjustable seat designed to provide users with optimal and comfortable posture. This hands-free exercise bike even comes with a textured pedals to keep the user’s feet perfectly in place while its ergonomically and cantilevered construction design will make sure that the exercise bicycle is stable every time.

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This hands-free cardiovascular workout bike has a sturdy steel frame that can support users of up to 300lbs. and has a height of up to 6 feet and 4 inches and best of all, its lightweight design allows the owner to handily reposition almost anywhere, thanks to the bike’s built in sturdy wheels, working out and at the same time doing your regular seated activities will not be a problem.

Check the rest of the features [HERE].

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