The Heated Massaging Executive Chair – A high-back chair that delivers targeted and warming massage to fight stress and aches

The Heated Massaging Executive Chair [SOURCE] is a high-back chair capable of delivering warming and targeted massage designed to fight aches and stress after those long day of hard work.

Thanks to the chair’s munificently padded construction system enough to cradle the user’s entire body plus it even includes a hidden massaging nodes design to perfectly loosen muscles in the lumbar area and to the upper back.

The Heated Massaging Executive Chair

The Heated Massaging Executive Chair

This executive high-back chair has 3 massage zones that can be controlled simultaneously or independently and because its vibration function works quietly and is available in different levels and styles, getting rid of stress and aches after working hard is now possible.

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The Heated Massaging Executive Chair 1

The Heated Massaging Executive Chair even comes with an optional heat setting perfect if you want to add pleasant warmth while its unique construction design allows the owner to easily blend into almost any type of executive suite setup you may have and best of all, it already includes an easy to use remote control, an armchair that swivels, recline and adjust easily in height.

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