The Swiveling Pinpoint Massage Chair – Enjoy targeted, precise massage of specific areas of the torso and upper body

The Swiveling Pinpoint Massage Chair [SOURCE] is perfect in providing precise and targeted massage right to the owner’s upper body or even at the torso, thanks to the chair’s swiveling base and low profile functionality, fitting it in any room so you can use it anytime to relax your tired body is now possible.

This swiveling massage chair already includes a handheld remote control capable of displaying an image of the upper body where owner’s can easily select and touch to easily pinpoint which of the body parts need some soothing massage.

The Swiveling Pinpoint Massage Chair

The Swiveling Pinpoint Massage Chair

So whether you want to relax your aching neck, lower back, shoulder or other areas of your body, this massage chair is always ready to provide relaxing massage and because this massage chair uses leather upholstery, hiding the mechanized rollers as it glides carefully around the body and kneading away tight and sore muscles is now possible of course without worrying about pinching just like those of lesser models.

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The Swiveling Pinpoint Massage Chair 1

The Swiveling Pinpoint Massage Chair also features a padded backrest, built-in pillow capable of supporting the owner’s shoulder, head, neck and even arms and best of all, the chair recline for full comfort for up to 55 degrees.

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