The Space Saving Massage Lounger – A low-profile massage lounger capable of delivering the same deep penetrating back massage like those bulky

The Space Saving Massage Lounger [SOURCE] is not just one of those ordinary low profile massage lounger out there because this massager only requires a little bit of your floor space yet capable of delivering the same effect of deep penetrating back massage just like those bulky models out there.

This massage lounger uses unique technology to perfectly penetrate back aches, thanks to the lounger’s human touch feature partnered with unique rollers, mimicking the masseur’s thumb and fingers and replicating the kneading, compression and rolling power done by professional massage therapist is now possible with the help of this lounger.

The Space Saving Massage Lounger

The Space Saving Massage Lounger

This low-profile massage lounger already includes 3 15min massage program that can be easily selected, users also have the option to direct the rollers to a more precise area using the easy to use control panel strategically placed right at the lounger’s armrest.

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The Space Saving Massage Lounger even allows the user to remove the padded back panel specially if they want to increase the massage intensity and best of all, the massager’s powered backrest allows the owner to recline easily and even adjust the headrest for that optimal neck and head support every time.

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