The Proper Meditation Seat – support both good posture and an intentional practice

The Proper Meditation Seat [SOURCE] is capable of supporting good posture and at the same time intentional practice, thanks to the meditation seat’s uniquely inspired by ancient yoga manuals, now you can ease tension and even get rid of your stress problem comfortably.

This meditation seat is uniquely designed to owners can easily meditate in good posture such as crossing the legs comfortably so you don’t have to worry about your body weight pressure plus it even raises your hips and angled forward in order to help and encourage straight spine every time.

The Proper Meditation Seat

The Proper Meditation Seat

This meditation seat even allows the owner to benefit equally from good position specially in its lower back, knees, insteps and feet in order to free the mind so you can meditate deeper.

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The Proper Meditation Seat 1

The Proper Meditation Seat is perfect for users of up to 250 pounds and best of all, it already includes a seat cover and is constructed using sturdy steel frame partnered with high quality vegan leather.

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