The Reflexology Scuff Slippers – design to provide gentle massaging sensation, stimulate pressure points, and increase blood flow while walking

The Reflexology Scuff Slippers [SOURCE] is not just unique when it comes to targeting reflexology points on the owner’s feet but also perfect in improving circulation to help get rid of muscle pain and soreness specially in fatigued and tired feet and legs.

These shearling suede scuff slippers even features a molded footbeds that contains of up to 100 micropoints designed to provide gentle massage, increase blood flow and stimulate pressure points so you can walk without any problem.

The Reflexology Scuff Slippers

The Reflexology Scuff Slippers

These reflexology slippers has a patented footbed that uses honeycomb-like structure design to provide unique and comfortable cushioning and stability while its soft shearling partnered with sturdy leader suede upper will make sure you’ll enjoy it reliably through the years.

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The Reflexology Scuff Slippers 1

The Reflexology Scuff Slippers also comes with breathable cork midsoles design to get rid of moisture and to keep the owner’s feet perfectly dry all the time and best of all, its PU soles will provide the best possible and confident footing every time.

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