The Cushioned Therapeutic Neuropathy Socks – the therapeutic socks designed for those with diabetic neuropathy

The Cushioned Therapeutic Neuropathy Socks are perfect for those with diabetic neuropathy problems, thanks to these uniquely designed socks, now you can get rid of your foot pain effectively.

As compared to other ordinary socks out there, these therapeutic socks are effective especially to those who are suffering from foot pain because these socks are also equipped with a unique cushioning system designed to make the wearer’s toe, heel and even the sole more comfortable every time.

Cushioned Therapeutic Neuropathy Socks

The Cushioned Therapeutic Neuropathy Socks

These therapeutic neuropathy socks are made from cellulose and cotton fiber, they’re even equipped with non-binding ankles designed to help the wearer get rid of any friction and even those irritation problems even wearing or not wearing shoes.

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Cushioned Therapeutic Neuropathy Socks1

Thanks to the sock’s seamless construction, walking without worrying about friction and irritation is now possible and best of all, it already comes with 2-pair of crew style socks and is all machine washable.

You can buy the therapeutic socks for only $49.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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