The Fold Flat Heated Foot Spa – Soothes tired and aching feet effectively

Need a perfect foot spa for your tired and aching feet? Use the Fold Flat Heated Foot Spa, an easy to use and store foot spa device capable of providing a bubbly vibration massage to help you get rid of your aching and tired feet problem.

Designed to reinvigorate tired feet using acupressure nodes, this heated foot spa provides relief at the owner’s bottom feet and because it comes with a heated function designed to maintain the water at is perfect temperature, soothing your feet at a warm water will not be a problem.

Fold Flat Heated Foot Spa

Fold Flat Heated Foot Spa

The foot spa is very easy to use and is very safe, you can even use it with epson salts for that perfect relaxation you’ve been looking for after that very tiring work day.

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Fold Flat Heated Foot Spa 1

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The Fold Flat Heated Foot Spa has a massage and heat function that can be used independently and best of all, it already comes with an integrated splash guard to prevent water spills. Carrying handle for moving.

You can buy the heated foot spa for $89.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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