The Foot Tapping Massager – works deeply into the tendons and muscles to relieve tension and discomfort

The Foot Tapping Massager [SOURCE] is designed to help get rid of your foot’s tension and discomfort problem, thanks to the massager’s uniquely designed percussive nodes that works deep into the problematic tendons and muscles are now easier and more effective.

This foot massager already includes 3 different settings plus it even comes with up to 1k per minute oscillations enough to smartly knead toes, achilles tendon and even your foot’s sole in order to create the feeling of enjoying a genuine Shiatsu massage at home is now possible, comfortable and more relaxing every time.

The Foot Tapping Massager

The Foot Tapping Massager

This powerful massager also features 15min. session timer, a heating element that can be easily turned on to provide a more relaxing and steady flow of soft and comfortable warmth anytime.

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The Foot Tapping Massager 1

The Foot Tapping Massager is very effective and earn praise because of its variety of motions and its realistic massage experience of course without the need to drive through your favorite masseuse just to get rid of your tired and aching feet.

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