The Virus, Mold, And Germ Destroying Wall Outlet Deodorizer – helps you create fresher and healthier environment

You want to get rid of any virus, odor and other diseases from roaming and spreading around your surroundings? Use the Wall Outlet Deodorizer, a uniquely designed device capable of destroying viruses, molds and germs in order to make indoor environment more fresher and healthier every time.

This deodorizer is unique because it uses the same technology used by hospitals to get rid of any viruses roaming around, thanks to the compact device 2watt fan capable of drawing air straight into the sanitizer where the integrated UV-C light destroys any viruses, mold spores and even halting them from duplicating and spreading disease and odor automatically.

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Wall Outlet Deodorizer

The Virus, Mold, And Germ Destroying Wall Outlet Deodorizer

This virus destroying wall outlet sanitizer is also capable of eliminating airborne bacteria simply by emitting no ozone while operating and at the same time it does not contain any filter so owners don’t have to worry about cleaning the device every now and then.

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Wall Outlet Deodorizer 1

The Virus, Mold and Germ Destroying Wall Outlet Sanitizer is effective in sanitizing a room of up to 180 feet square and is perfect if it is positioned besides diaper pails, litter boxes and more, it does not even require larger space, simply plug the device to your wall outlet and you’re good to go. Weighs only 10oz.

You can buy the wall outlet deodorizer for only $49.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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