The Mold And Germ Destroying CPAP Sanitizer – kills bacteria, molds and viruses in CPAP masks and hoses effectively

Looking for a perfect CPAP mask and hose sanitizer? —[SOURCE]— Use this travel-sized Mold and Germ Destroying CPAP Sanitizer, an oxygen activated sanitizer capable of killing up to 99.9 percent of viruses in your CPAP masks and hoses effectively.

This CPAP mask and hose sanitizer is capable of generating O3 molecule, a powerful and natural occurring molecule that works 3000 times better and faster than using chlorine bleach to sanitize the masks and hoses.

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CPAP Mask and Hose Sanitizer

This CPAP equipment sanitizer works without using any chemicals or heat, it does not even generate noise as compared to other sanitizer out there.

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The CPAP Sanitizer already comes with an integrated Li-ion battery to power its built-in fan that religiously circulates the O3 and best of all, it also includes a replaceable carbon filter and USB charging cord. Weighs only 7oz.

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