The Desktop Light Therapy Lamp – helps counteract the effects of work fatigue, jet lag, and seasonal change

Feeling tired after doing work at home job? Maybe it is because of the too much light exposure that cannot counteract the effect of work fatigue and other problem? Try the Desktop Light Therapy Lamp, a uniquely designed daylight spectrum light capable of delivering up to 10k lux of daylight spectrum light designed to control the effects of work fatigue and other problem including seasonal change and jet lag.

This light therapy lamp works simply by blocking the release of sleep hormone, with just 30min of light exposure from the desktop lamp, owners will find boost in alertness and energy level because it minimize melatonin.

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Desktop Light Therapy Lamp

The Desktop Light Therapy Lamp

This desktop therapy lamp only measures 13.5x6x2 inches in height, width and diameter, small enough so users can easily position it anywhere they want on their work surfaces without worrying about taking too much space.

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Desktop Light Therapy Lamp 1

The Light Therapy Lamp is also unique because it uses a specially designed light bulb partnered with electronic ballast to make sure you can work properly without worrying about any noise coming from the lamp and best of all, it has a flicker-free technology designed to get rid of any electromagnetic fields. Weighs only 2lbs.

You can buy the desktop light for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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