The Gym Bag Odor Destroyer – A portable air purifier that eliminates odors effectively

You want to get rid those nasty odor that roams around your favorite lockers, gym bags and other odor prone spaces? Use this portable odor destroyer—[SOURCE]—, a uniquely designed odor destroyer designed to help you get rid of bad odor almost anywhere where it is needed most.

Be it inside your favorite gym bag or even your favorite gym locker where other ordinary odor purifier are unable to reach, this model is very easy to use, just toss it inside where your workout gear resides and you’re good to go.

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Gym Bag Odor Destroyer

The Gym Bag Odor Neutralizer works simply by generating powerful oxidizers designed to eliminate offensive odors and bad bacteria that cause bad odors, it even help prevent mildew and molds.

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This portable air purifier can even purify your favorite lockers, gym bags and even those laundry hampers, thanks to its powerful li-ion rechargeable battery capable of providing up to 4hrs of wireless power, tossing this cordless air purifier anywhere where it needed most for that continuous deep deodorizing is now possible of course without worrying about bulky cords and AC outlets.

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