The Traveler’s Circulation Enhancing Leg Massager – Improves circulation and prevents swelling

The Travelers Circulation Enhancing Leg Massager

Suffering leg pain while traveling? Not anymore with the Traveler’s Circulation Enhancing Leg Massager, a wireless massager designed for everyday travelers out there that needs some leg massage in order to improve circulation and prevent swelling while traveling long hours.

The Travelers Circulation Enhancing Leg Massager adjusts nicely to any type of leg diameter and provides personalized pressure from 70 to 130 mmHg. Simply wrap the device around, select a compression level and enjoy a soothing massage anytime anywhere.

This circulation enhancing leg massager is sturdy because it is made from a durable pvc and nylon material plus you can enjoy leg massage even with pants because it does not restrict movements.

This leg massager needs 2 Double A batteries and weighs only 1lb.

-$39.95 at hammacher

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