The Sleep Enhancing Comforter – counteract the chronic aches, inflammation, and night sweats that can impact a night’s rest

The Sleep Enhancing Comforter [SOURCE] is made from clinically proven technology design to help increase blood flow, thanks to the comforter’s unique fibers partnered with strands of Celliant capable of converting body heat into therapeutic infrared light in order to provide a more relaxing and more comfortable good night sleep.

This plush comforter is not just perfect in optimizing good blood flow but at the same time helps regulate body temperature just enough to counteract inflammation, night sweats and even chronic aches that can greatly impact a night’s rest.

The Sleep Enhancing Comforter

The Sleep Enhancing Comforter

This sleep comforter is generously filled with hypoallergenic polyester and is treated with antimicrobial silver chloride and best of all, you can be sure that the Celliant will not wash out or lessen when use regularly.

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The Sleep Enhancing Comforter is only available at Hammacher. For more information about the comforter, please visit their official site below.

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