The Ocean Therapy Air Purifier – Helps clean indoor environment and mitigate the symptoms of breathing conditions

The Ocean Therapy Air Purifier [SOURCE] is not just design to clean your indoor environment but at the same time helps mitigate any symptoms of someone’s breathing condition simply by purifying air through its microscopic salt particles so you can enjoy just like a refreshing sea breeze at home.

This air purifier is capable of releasing airborne crystals of rock salt stuffs supercharged with negative ions designed to perfectly improve the lungs ability to ingest oxygen and flat mucus.

The Ocean Therapy Air Purifier

The Ocean Therapy Air Purifier

Whether you are worrying about air pollutants like pet dander and dust mites, the therapy air purifier will take care of those air pollutants simply by filtering it while the salt is expelled so you can deep breath fresh air anytime anywhere.

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The Ocean Therapy Air Purifier is perfect if you want to experience less congestion and better sleep, thanks to its quiet and can be adjusted fan speed and best of all, it already includes 1 filter designed to purify rooms of up to 5k cubic feet for 6 months.

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