The Silk Alternative Sheets – Made from 100% Tencel with silky feel that is gentle on the skin

Made from pure tencel partnered with silky feel designed to provide gentleness on the owner’s skin, these cool to touch silk alternative sheets —[SOURCE]— are your perfect alternative if you want to improve your night’s sleep.

These easy-care sheets is crafted with a sateen weave with a hand softer than silk is unique because it has sustainable fiber that is very light and breathable perfect for promoting and improving one’s sleep naturally.

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Silk Alternative Sheets

These sheets has antimicrobial silver designed to inhibit mold, bacteria and even those mildew in order to help prevent odors, stains and even deterioration.

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Its superior construction will definitely make sure it will provide the perfect fit on mattresses up to 18 inches and best of all, it is machine washable. Just select your preferred color like light blue, dove grey and white and you’re good to go.

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