The Cooling Comfort Relief Mat – The sleep and exercise mat that cools the skin on contact

You want to provide cold therapy for your joints and muscles? How about cooling you down while sleeping or after exercising? Try the Cooling Comfort Relief Mat —[SOURCE]—, a 2 in 1 sleep and exercise mat designed to help cool the skin on contact.

This sleep and exercise mat cools the skin for up to 3 hours and regenerates again so you can use it over and over perfect for helping you fall asleep or provide cold therapy for your problematic joints and muscles.


Cooling Comfort Relief Mat

No need for bulky cords or even those messy refrigeration style, this mat has a cooling effect that can be activated instantly by the owner’s body weight and temperature, it even recharges automatically when not in use.

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This Comfort Relief Mat is made with non-toxic and very light material and can be fold flat so you can bring it anywhere you go and for conveniently store almost anywhere you want and best of all, it only measures 43.5×27 and 3/4 in length and width.

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