The Pinchless Electrolysis Hair Remover – removes hair without the painful pinching typically experienced with needle electrolysis

The Pinchless Electrolysis Hair Remover [SOURCE] is design to help you get rid of unwanted hair on your face, legs, underarms or even at your bikini line of course without suffering from painful pinching that you normally experienced with other electrolysis needles.

The Pinchless Electrolysis Hair Remover

The Pinchless Electrolysis Hair Remover

This electrolysis wand uses unique rolling ball tip that works smoothly in removing hair simply by transmitting a harmless electrical current, using this electrolysis hair remover regularly will help destroy hair cells and dermal papilla.

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The Pinchless Electrolysis Hair Remover 1

This electrolysis hair remover is designed to prevent hair from growing back specially when used regularly within 60 days in just a matter of up to 11min. Of treatment, it depends on the problematic area.

This hair remover wand already includes a LED located strategically on the wand that lights up its tip if it contacts to the skin correctly, perfect for letting the owner that the session is at its effective treatment.

The Pinchless Electrolysis Hair Remover already includes 6 reusable conductive gel pads perfect for treating larger areas on the owner’s face, legs and of course the body. Other included parts in the system are interchangeable tips, cleansing gel, tweezers and a soft carrying case so you can bring it with you anywhere anytime.

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