The Heated Exercise Mat – uses infrared heat therapy to warm up muscles before exercising

The Heated Exercise Mat [SOURCE] is design to help the owner warm up their muscles while doing some stretching so that body’s muscles are ready for some serious exercising.

The Heated Exercise Mat

The Heated Exercise Mat

This exercise mat uses unique infrared heat therapy designed to help warm up the person’s muscles before doing some hard exercises and because the mat emits far infrared energy that’s distributed evenly right across the entire surface using its unnoticeable heating coils, enjoying and improving the owner’s circulation in order to ease muscle movements is now possible.

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The Heated Exercise Mat 1

This heated exercise mat has an adjustable temperature of up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit while its built-in timer will enable the owner to set between 20 and 60 minutes of exercise sessions.

The mat’s dual sided, ribbed design will prevent the mat from sliding specially on floors and ensuring a slip free surface every time you exercise.

The mat’s interior foam padding will provide owners with perfect and soft exercise cushion and safe exercise because it keeps sweat and spills and best of all, its waterproof exterior design will make sure the mat is safe from sweat and spills.

The heated exercise mat already includes an exercise DVD to help owner get started quickly.

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