The Portable Foot Massager – Soothes tired and aching feet using intense vibration

The Portable Foot Massager [SOURCE] is capable of delivering intense vibration perfect for soothing tired and aching feet at home or on the go simply because its light and compact design will allow the owner to get rid of their feet problem anytime anywhere.

The Portable Foot Massager

The Portable Foot Massager

This compact foot massager only weighs 8oz and is 6 inches long just perfect for slipping into your purse or even on your favorite carry-on for that easy to access and convenient use at work or even while you are traveling.

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The Portable Foot Massager 1

This portable foot massager is ergonomically design so that it matches perfectly to the arch of the owner’s foot while its 3 unique textured areas are design to target key pressure points.

The foot massager’s 5 rollers are for massaging toes while the horizontal bars will relax the ball of the foot easing tension in the heel. This massager is made with plastic yet sturdy body just perfect for easy cleaning after each foot massage session. Just don’t forget to add some batteries though before you can start relaxing your feet.

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